Barista Desserts Now Launched for that Italian Taste Sensation

Our luxurious Italian Desserts by Galberts have been a family favourite amongst our loyal customers, and so we decided to extend this range to incorporate a new dessert concept fit for those with a love for coffee.

With the popularity of speciality barista coffee on the rise it was a no brainer to recreate a dessert celebrating this flavour sensation. Our new Galberts Barista Desserts are presented in glass espresso cups, with a light mousse-like dessert packed full of coffee and chocolate or caramel flavours. These products are made in Italy to give the proper authentic Italian taste sensation.

You can try our Galberts Barista Desserts for yourself with the products available from Tesco stores and selected convenience stores across the Island of Ireland, as well as Supervalu stores in Northern Ireland.

Why not re-use the glass espresso cups time and time again!